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Les sens du mouvement


Rues des cités

Streets and estates
Editorial, Antoine Loubière 41
Round table
Streets and estates: time for a new urbanism, Pierre Peillon, Djamel Klouche, Philippe Panerai, Bernard Paris, Jean-Luc Poidevin, Pierre Vionnet 43
“The street belongs to all of us!” Exhibition Mireille Apel-Muller and François Ascher  54


Transports, Pauvretés, exclusions. Pouvoir bouger pour s’en sortir

When mobility is not just a question of transport,Preface by the City on the Move Institute 5
Part I – Progress report in France, the UK and the USA. 9


Sociologie des mobilités, une nouvelle frontière pour la sociologie  ?

Preface 11
Chapter 1. Societies 15
“There is no such thing as society” 19
In human globalisation 26
More new rules of sociological Method 31

Chapter 2.


Développement durable et nouvelles mobilités urbaines

For high-quality spaces and mobility. IVM 8
Creative ideas around the new sustainable urban mobility. Presentation of the design course and urban competition. Didier Rebois 12
Articles 26


Mobilité et écologie urbaine

Warning - Alain Bourdin 15


Une approche laïque de la mobilité

Une approche laïque de la mobilité [A lay approach to mobility] 11
Mobility disturbs: a good reason for studying it 21
Studying mobility means choosing the right indicators 33
Trends in mobility over the last half century: speed and reduced costs for a wider range of destinations 41




  • July 4 in Guyancourt

    Round-table in the framework of the event Mobilités autonomes, territoires et citoyens

  • June 18 in Versailles

    Mobile Hyperplaces exchange and co-construction meeting at the mobiLAB

  • June 4-6 in Montréal

    IVM and VEDECOM will attend the Movin'On summit


  • 07/18/2019
    [Dossier] Urbanisme journal: The hyperplaces of logistics
  • 07/16/2019
    [Publication] Passages Cordillera - 2017 competition
  • 07/10/2019
    [Interview] Mireille Apel-Muller: "Mobility is shaking up the city"
  • 07/05/2019
    [Project] Mobile hyperplaces for Satory