the city in n dimensions

Les sens du mouvement

Thanks 5
Presentation of the authors 7
Presentation of the book by Sylvain Allemand 15
Introduction The senses of movement: modernities and mobilities
François Ascher 21
Part I: World and society 35


Sociologie des mobilités, une nouvelle frontière pour la sociologie  ?

Preface 11
Chapter 1. Societies 15
“There is no such thing as society” 19
In human globalisation 26
More new rules of sociological Method 31

Chapter 2.


Développement durable et nouvelles mobilités urbaines

For high-quality spaces and mobility. IVM 8
Creative ideas around the new sustainable urban mobility. Presentation of the design course and urban competition. Didier Rebois 12
Articles 26


Mobilités urbaines, l’âge des possibles

Introduction 5
Chapter 1 Owning, borrowing, using a service: does the age of access mean the end of the era of ownership? 19
DIY or getting someone in, a familiar choice 20
From the post-industrial society to the age of access: praise be to rental and services 22
From the age of opulence to the age of the endangered planet: praise be to rental and services 30


La mobilité à Rennes en 2040


Marcher dans la ville en mouvement


Les sens du mouvement - Synthèse




  • June 4-6 in Montréal

    IVM and VEDECOM will attend the Movin'On summit

  • May 20 in Paris

    Conference as part of the "Champs Critiques" debate cycle at the ESA

  • April 17 in Lyon

    Conference "Being mobile at the hour of the Anthropocene" organized by the Urban School of Lyon


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    [Event] Mobile Hyperplaces Forum
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    [Project] Presentation brochure of the Mobile Hyperplaces project
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