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Ville, handicap et accessibilité

The City on the Move Institute: laboratory of urban mobilities
Liaison Committee for Accessible Transportation and Buildings (COLlAC)
Shanghai Federation for the Disabled


Une approche laïque de la mobilité

Une approche laïque de la mobilité [A lay approach to mobility] 11
Mobility disturbs: a good reason for studying it 21
Studying mobility means choosing the right indicators 33
Trends in mobility over the last half century: speed and reduced costs for a wider range of destinations 41


La Ville à domicile - Cahier n°1


La fabrique du mouvement - Dossier de synthèse (revue Urbanisme 385)

The quest for the principles of the making of movement, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil 24
Public action, between method and madness, Jean-Marc Offner 27
An RER in Brussels? Space of rivalries and the governance of mobility, Ludivine Damay 30
Modernisation and hybridisation of public transport in Latin America’s cities, Oscar Figueroa 33




  • July 4 in Guyancourt

    Round-table in the framework of the event Mobilités autonomes, territoires et citoyens

  • June 18 in Versailles

    Mobile Hyperplaces exchange and co-construction meeting at the mobiLAB

  • June 4-6 in Montréal

    IVM and VEDECOM will attend the Movin'On summit


  • 07/18/2019
    [Dossier] Urbanisme journal: The hyperplaces of logistics
  • 07/16/2019
    [Publication] Passages Cordillera - 2017 competition
  • 07/10/2019
    [Interview] Mireille Apel-Muller: "Mobility is shaking up the city"
  • 07/05/2019
    [Project] Mobile hyperplaces for Satory